The future of news is on Twitter! And the future of selfies is on cookies! And coffee! Last week we here at Selffee had an amazing opportunity to work with the great people at Twitter at their NYC headquarters. We were ecstatic! We were at an event in which they introduced new features of their website to many journalists and other media persons (approximately 100 of them) that have voices that reach a vast number of people. The updates that Twitter is making to their process of posting allows news outlets to do so much more to share information with the public in a fast and coherent way. Forget the 5 o'clock news, know what's going on 24-7 from sources that you value and trust on Twitter!

And what better to do while learning about the on-goings of the world on Twitter than to enjoy a pastry or iced coffee with your face on it! When we arrived, the event planner was incredibly helpful and welcoming and made sure our space was perfect. Our edible photo booth was set up behind the audience, by the A/V room, who were broadcasting unbelievably cool visuals and descriptions of the new features to the collection of screens at the front of the space. It was a bright day, and we were right by a huge window. The view of lower Manhattan was spectacular. After the presentations of the new Twitter news format, as everybody mingled throughout the room, the Selffee boys were hard at work making sure that everybody from Twitter as well as the journalists could enjoy a well-deserved snack, a cookie with their face on it! And everybody loved their edible selfie. The beautiful, sun-lit downtown conference space was erupting with smiles and laughs, perfect for our delicious sugar cookies. You know, the media seems to get a bad rep these days, but we at Selffee thought that everyone couldn't be any more lovely. And they made for delicious cookies!

Our favorite selfie of the day? It had to be the classic "Selffee with a Selffee" where one gentleman took his selfie while eating his friend's selfie cookie. Selffee inception! There isn't anything out there like us, and it is a joy for the Selffee team to see people discover and understand the magic that Selffee provides. To see people in the media world, people who truly have a grip on how the crazy world we live in works, react in a favorable way, definitely made our day. 

Word of the Selffee phenomenon is getting bigger and bigger, and we are honored to provide some edible selfie awesomeness for Twitter employees and other news contributors from a multitude of different organizations, such as CNN, the Verge, Bloomberg, and New York Times. Twitter and Selffee aren't too different, both lot of fun and great forms of expression. Thanks, Twitter! The one difference though, on Twitter you get 160 characters, but with Selffee, your pic is worth at least a thousand!