Selffee recently attended Foodbytes! What an experience! Foodbytes is a series of events that focus in the interconnection between food, agriculture, and technology. These events are designed to connect industry leaders and investors with innovative startup companies with groundbreaking ideas in food and technology. There are a series of pitches from companies as well as informative speeches from the top people in these fields. There is also lots and lots of delicious food from really unique companies. And Selffee stuck out amongst all of them! We had two machines for this event, and a whole lot of cookies. The cookies were made with cricket flour from Bitty foods out of San Francisco. They were very tasty and gluten free, high in protein and fiber!
The event space was amazing. It had few different lecture spaces, centered by an awesome room with a bar that had a panoramic view, with a sprawling window looking out at midtown Manhattan. The companies that were participating had booths surrounding the bar. Our dueling printers were recessed behind a step and repeat for people take pictures in front of. We were by a side door, but that didn’t stop everyone from seeing us. Like always people were interested. The first day of Foodbytes was when all the companies could come in and set up their booths, get to know each other, and prepare their pitch among their peers. Feedback was given and everyone who presented had something to brush up in their presentation that night. The competition was fierce and the investors would be arriving day 2. As soon as we were up and running, not only did everyone of the people from the other companies come and get a cookie with their face on it, even the caterers had to see what was going on. As a matter of fact, security even stopped by to see what we were doing. In a room of people that work and have success in the food industry. Selfie cookies made with cricket flour was all the buzz. We truly have something special.
Day 2 was great! We were flooded with investors, going 100 miles per hour creating edible selfie cookies. We didn’t stop making cookies the whole time. One woman took a picture of each one of her eyes and we printed them on cookies. She put the cookies up against her eyes and she had giant bug eyes! Edible bug eyes!  There were approximately 500 smiling people there, they all ate their face! Even the people who got their edible selfies the day before came back for more. We had the opportunity to bounce ideas off of potential investors and other food companies. It was an incredible educational experience for us as well. In addition we met a lot of very cool up and coming companies in the food scene. Keep your eye out for Javazen, Nom Noms, and Verdical! Verdical was like the Keurig for growing herbs in your home. Very cool.