I was so excited to help out Selffee at this year’s CE Week July 12-13, 2017, where they’re featuring get-geeked New York, which is the first business-to-everyone event in the tech industry. During these two days, companies are allowed to set up their own stations at the Metropolitan Pavilion and have the opportunity to connect with the press, industry attendees, influencers, and enthusiasts. We were excited to be one of roughly 70 companies that participated in this event (including Samsung, Muse, Merge VR, Polaroid, HairMax, Pioneer, Titan Platform US, B&H, and SureFire).

Our edilbe selfie photo booth was located to the left of the press lounge. For the big event, we decided to create our signature Selffee lattes made with Joyride cold brew coffee for all our visitors. We were able to compress all our equipment into a small confined area. We set up a backdrop right in front of our booth. Behind the backdrop, was where the magical steps of creating a Selffee latte happened.

We had a team of four people including myself to run this edible photo booth. Anthony was in charge of attracting the press and influencers to try our Selffee lattes and took amazing photographs of our guests. I was responsible for formatting all the photos and sending them out to our high-tech printers that print with 100% edible ink. Santiago made the delicious lattes and prepared them for the printer, where the magic happens. Farsh, one of our founders, of course, helped out with everything and conversed with our visitors and promoted our company and explained what we do (making parties and events extra awesome).  

Selffee’s brand activation also appeared more abstract compared to all other companies, since we were asking to people to take a picture, which was different from what everyone else was doing. Luckily, we had adventurous guests that were willing to try and join the fun with us. After an hour or so, we had a storm of people coming to our booth asking for a Selffee latte. Guests saw other people carrying Selffee lattes walking around and it caught their attention and they started asking people where they got their lattes.

We had a lot of press, industry attendees, influencers, enthusiasts, and exhibitors that came up to us for our Selffee lattes. We got tons of positive feedback and had many guests post pictures of their lattes on social media.

We ran out of supplies quickly. There were more people that wanted our Selffee lattes than we had anticipated. We had no more cold brew left to produce any more lattes for the day and there were still four hours left until the event ended! Many of the people were really upset, since they wanted to show off their Selffee latte on their social media pages. We were sad to tell them that we could not provide them a Selffee latte and convinced them to come back the next day.

The first day was considered to be successful. Even Tom Campbell, a technology strategist, marketer, and a former White House technology advisor, loved our company and our Selffee lattes (we even made a Selffee cookie for him the next day).  

On the second day, we resumed making our Selffee lattes. Due to the fact that we only had a limited supply, we had to hand out tickets and only people with tickets were able to get a Selffee latte.

Our neighboring booth, SureFire used that opportunity to get a few Selffee lattes for themselves and one with their company logo on it to share with their followers. My coworker and I talked to Surefire for a bit and realized that they're a California technology company that creates equipment from phone cases to gun suppressors. This was fascinating to realize how some of these companies at CE Week were from different states or countries and how there was such a wide range of diversity in the products that were introduced to visitors. It was from the edible photo booth and Selffee lattes to phone cases and gun suppresses that were located right next to each other.

During the event, event planners came to our booth and checked up on us. One of them was so kind; she even gave Santiago acupuncture because she saw how Santiago was working really hard and his muscles were really tense.

Later on, we had a pair of press members, who were so intrigued by our company’s technology and creativity, that they had to film an interview with Farsh and some of the actions behind the scenes! It was really exciting to see a camera recording and our founder answering questions on the spot. Of course, we gave them their own Selffee lattes too.


-Teresa M