Private Event – Bar Mitzvah

The Selffee team and our edible photo booth recently attended one of the coolest events we ever been too. It was unforgettable. And it was thrown by a 13 year old! We had the honor of helping a young man celebrate his Bar Mitzvah, and oh man, was it fun. It was in New Jersey, and we enjoyed escaping the noise of the city momentarily. It was a beautiful day on a gorgeous, rolling green golf course, and the party was in the mansion-esque clubhouse. The Bar Mitzvah man had accomplished a lot that day and in his thirteen years, so it was time to cut loose with some cookies with him and all of his friend’s faces on them. And cut loose they certainly did.
Our edible selfies went like hotcakes, but we were sure to bring plenty. We were printing on our delicious sugar cookies and started in the hors d'oeuvres and cocktail room before we hit the main room. We figured that the adults might want to get their hands on the edible selfie before the 13 year olds bombarded us. And good thing we did. The parents loved it! People of all ages love to take selfies. It was great for all the moms and dads to enjoy pictures of themselves on a cookie together. After about an hour we made our way to our Selffee machine we had setup earlier in the main hall, and it was go time.
First of all, this room was amazing. The dance floor was huge and the DJ was killing it. Everyone was getting down with his or her bad selves. And when they wanted a dance break they could refuel on delicious ballpark style foods: hot dogs, chicken fingers, burgers, fries etc. They could shoot some hoops on the basketball arcade game, play some ping-pong or fooseball. It was sweet! And the best part was if energy was running low, they could eat a cookie with their face on it to get back out there. Those youngsters know how to eat a cookie, and they definitely know how to take a selfie! We didn’t stop taking pictures and printing edible selfies from the minute we got there to the minute the party was over. Everyone was crazy about selfie cookies!
We had an awesome set up next to all the games. Everyone wanted an edible selfie with the young Bar Mitzvah boy aka man. Many of the guys and girls had fun taking selfies with all there friends and all eating the same cookie. Our edible photo booth needed no introduction, the young people were drawn to it immediately. It was really cool to see a group of young teens come together and really appreciate each other and their friendship, rejoice in the passage of time, and welcome man and womanhood together. The evidence was on the cookies. The Selffee team had a blast!