Facebook X Edible Selfie

Part of growing Selffee, this unique business is to expose yourself directly to companies and the people that are the target demographic. In this case it was by going to the source that has made the biggest impact on social networks and media; Facebook. One day during the week Selffee set up the edible photo booth to do a live demonstration of making selfie cookies for the employees of Facebook. These people really get it since they are all surrounded by new and inventive ways to communicate and share pictures with friends and family.

 From the moment we got into the building there were signs that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary day. First off you have to show ID to a security guard to receive a pass to scan your way in to the elevator, then once on the correct floor you have to sign in on an iPad to get a day pass to give you access to the office. 

 We set up in a common area located close to what they call a “micro kitchen” which has a coffee station, fridges with every type of water or juice known to man and quite a extensive selection of snacks. The office is set up as you would assume from a cool corporate company, clusters of people working at shared desks, comfy couches and conference rooms scattered throughout. To take a break or get the creative juices flowing there is even a golf putting green to take some shots! So people passing by to get a coffee or get to a meeting there were curious when they see something different in the office, when they found out that we were able to print their faces onto cookies they were enthusiastic! Selfie cookies, what!

 We were getting a nice mix of solo and group selfies and some screen grabs of kids or friends. Since it was a more relaxed environment we were able to be more accommodating since they could go do some work and come back later in the day. One guy was getting one made for his daughter and was telling us how large his family was that for special events or holidays they had to rent out a community hall and that Selffee would be a hit at their next get together. Another girl made a sign that said “Happy Birthday” and she was going to give it to her partner that weekend as part of gift, that’s the great feeling to know we are helping to be a part of a special day!

 As the day went on the buzz at Facebook about the edible photo booth was spreading and the traffic didn’t slow down at all. We even had packed extra cookies but eventually we did run out a bit before our expected end time. It’s always too bad when we are not able to create all the edible selfies requested, this just means that we will have to return to their office another time!