Bizbash 2017 Edible Selfie

Bizbash was founded in 2000 by David Adler that has become the largest event media source to connect business to business. It has grown to the point where they will have 225,000 unique users use their services to look into venues, technology and tools to improve their next event. The event was held in Manhattan at the Javits Center, a large conference venue able to host this massive event with a wide range of vendors in the events industry.

 The Selffee team gets excited every year for Bizbash’s annual New York conference. Bizbash is an industry conference for event planners, event professionals ranging from corporate to charity. The 2017 trend that will continue into 2018 is more and more events are using technology driven activations. Best technology ideas for events in 2018 will have Selffee at the top of that list.

 Selffee was at this exhibition last year and with great response had to return again to print some Selfie cookies! The people in attendance was very diverse with many being event planners that specialize corporate events, weddings, charity, birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s that our edible photo booth is perfect for. This is a perfect way to interact with the right person, as all day we were engaging with attendees that had serious inquiries about Selffee, the company itself and the products and services that we offer. When we would tell them that in addition to the cookies available that day we also can print on a range of different food items with iced lattes being the flagship product they were blown away.

 For Bizbash we brought two Selffee machines, hundreds of fresh baked sugar cookies and five people to engage with the attendees, take selfies and print the cookies. Edible selfies are the event planners trend of 2018. There were special talks going on in the morning and once they were let out we got hit with a rush of people excited to get their edible selfies! Both mcahines were going non stop and there was a great buzz around the booth and our display table was filled up with all of the cookies made on the spot. We were one of the more unique vendors there and the responses were great. They loved to see their Selffee’s!

 We got to meet some of the other vendors as well, the variety was very broad. Many food and beverage brands, marketing or PR companies and lots of different entertainers. Brand Activation Services had a red Ferrari that was being used as a karaoke booth. The founder a family run business that makes great pretzels was in love with our product and kept coming back to make goofy faced cookies for his daughters. Next to us there were the musicians and singers that were performing at Bizbash and are available for higher at your next party. Even one marketing company had their employees dressed up like zombies. That made for some scary selfie cookies, luckily we were given zombie immunity tonic.  We were not showcasing selfie coffees this time, but when people found out that we print selfies on beverages they were losing it !

 For the Bizbash VIPs of 2017, Selffee was a partner, and we gave away special iphone cookies with their image of choice on them. With the tag line at Bizbash being “Find Your Aha Moment” is very fitting with what Selffee does. Taking a unique angle to the photo booth and events, something that is so simple and very effective. When we tell someone what we are doing, there is the moment in the conversation when they get it, the light bulb goes off and they produce a smile or laugh. The feedback from the people at Bizbash was really great and once they saw our booth and product, some definitely had their Aha moment.