Coveteur X TopShop X Edible Selfie

It’s nice when a collaboration between multiple brands can come together to create a unique and fun event. The Coveteur if you aren’t familiar with them is a really cool website that showcases style and culture from an insider’s perspective by going into the homes of influential people and showing off their clothing and interiors. “one of my favorite post is about Jim Jones that’s a good one to check out” Topshop is a global fashion brand that is originally from London, UK and has hundreds of stores across the world selling a range of women’s and men’s clothing and accessories.

 Topshop also offers a personal shopping service at certain locations across the United States and UK, specifically in Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York. Whether you need an outfit for a special event or just need some new pieces for the season you can book an appointment and the staff at Topshop will take care of you. With a special fitting room in the store that is a beautiful elevated space, they also will offer you drinks or snacks while shopping. The Manhattan 5th Avenue store is where our event was taking place. Prior to the night they had us come and do a site visit just so that we could take a look at the store, meet some of the staff and figure out the best way to set up the edible photo booth for the night.

 This night had lots of energy in the vibrant, modern and trendy store with music being played by an entertaining DJ. All of the guests attending the event were looking great and stylish, which made for many beautiful selfie cookies!

 For the Selffee team this was a low key set up of one machine and two Selffee boys on operations. With all the hype around the booth, the selfie cookies were printing non stop. Since many of the people there work in fashion and have large social media following there was lots of phones out documenting our work, it is super entertaining to see someone getting their edible selfie for the first time. To see the excitement and amazement when the printer is going and they see their photo that was taken moments before transformed onto the cookie. Even the following week there was a couple that we ran into at a different party that remembered us from Topshop, its nice to know that Selffee has a lasting memory.  Edible selfies are the custom treat that is perfect for brand activations like this. 

 In addition to our booth there was also drinks and appetizers going around, with having dance music playing all added to this great social environment. There was some really well dressed and fashionable people, it was super cool to be mingling and taking their selfies. Eventually as the night went on we ended up printing over twice as many edible selfies as expected and ran out of cookies. There were two sisters who were hanging around the booth and as it is can happen at the end of the day their phones were low on battery. Luckily the Selffee booth was able to give them a charge to keep them connected!