ONE Management Halloween Selffee

Two words; Halloween and models. Sometimes the world aligns itself and you just get lucky. This is one of those situations, the Selffee team was a part of the One Management Halloween party at the cool basement bar The Mailroom. This venue located on Wall Street in an old Goldman Sachs, they have kept the old mailroom fixtures and mail boxes in the décor for an interesting space. The space is dark with soft warm lighting with chic mid century furnishings, this meant to create awesome edible selfies the flash will be used all night! The guests start to roll in to the nines in some great costumes, we were excited to get the edible photo booth going. To start off the evening there was buffet in one area with selfie cookies being the dessert.

 One Management is a well established agency based in New York that focuses on fashion with the link to music, film and celebrities. It was started in 2001 and quickly grew to be one of the go to names in the industry. It’s a pleasure to be working with such acclaimed clients. Selffee was a part of another party for the agency and since it was such a hit they brought us in again. This time they created a special Halloween colored One logo that were pre-printed cookies before the event to have available to give away as unique way of promotion.

 As the night got under way the guests of the party were splitting their time between the dance floor, bar and the Selffee Booth. We saw some sexy cops, Mia from Pulp Fiction, cheerleaders and even a dinosaur! These were making for some really fun edible selfies. Aida and Ieva Aniulyte the gorgeous twin sister models stood out with their amazing costumes dressed as the twins from the horror classic “The Shining” Our booth was set up with near the actual mailroom with the Selffee logo step and repeat in front, then the printers and tasty cookies hidden behind. The Selffee photographer Will Sparks ( was brought in to take some quality party pictures so that we could have the photo evidence of this awesome event! Since most of the attendees are used to being in front of the camera it was the right choice, they had no problem posing in front of the Selffee banner or with their freshly printed edible selfie.


Rap music was playing over the system and everyone was having a good time, it was popping off at the Mailroom. The people of New York compared to other cities definitely like to make the effort on Halloween, there was so much detail put into the décor, costumes and overall vibe of the night. Doing events like these are hardly considered work. Unfortunately, when its super busy like this eventually the selfie cookies will run out and once they did the Selffee team was able to wrap up and mingle with the crowd before having to load all the gear to end another successful edible photo booth for a corporate event.