Blue Man Group Holiday Party

Make sure those blue edible ink cartridges are full, because Selffee was asked by the most notorious blue faces around to liven up the already lively Blue Man Group at their end-of-the-year holiday party!

Well, we didn’t really need that much blue ink.  Turns out the Blue Man Group creators and corporate leaders don’t wear their iconic face paint all the time.  The Selffee team was a bit disappointed to arrive and see everyone wearing (mostly) normal clothes, but that didn’t prevent us from putting on a show in the spirit of this eccentric entertainment company.

And it was even more of an honor to be asked to bring our Edible Photo Booth to this particular holiday party, as it would be the last for the infamous BMG.  Having been bought out recently by Cirque du Soleil, the corporate structure was in for a change. But what could have been a more somber event for an otherwise wild and excitable group turned out to be a raucous good time thanks to Selffee and its Edible Cookies (the open bar may have helped too).

The Blue Man Group corporate group held their holiday party in the upstairs room at Carroll Place at Bleeker and Thompson in Greenwich Village, a delightfully cozy private room with an elegant Victorian-esque decor.  The room was small, but perfect for the 60 guests that attended. Sticking to its promise that it can operate in any size space needed, the two-man Selffee squad set up one printer on a four-person dining table in the back corner of the upstairs room, next to the bar and bathrooms--the perfect location to ensure that everyone at the party could see where to get their Edible Selfies.  And once they started to see the faces of their co-workers and bosses on our Edible Cookies, everyone was eager to get in on the Selffee action.

One of our team members set up shop at the computer and printer, placing all of the cookies on the printer and processing all of the photos for printing, while the other mingled about the room, aptly joking around with this jokster-filled group and snapping photos of folks in a ton of crazy and silly poses, and wearing festive, glittery hats.  This Blue Man Group team showed that the eccentric production on stage really is a representation of the creative genius of the folks in charge.

At first, they didn’t really know what to make of the two of us and our printer.  But as the first batch of Edible Cookies came out, the brave early adopters quickly showed off their Edible Selfies to the delight of the rest of the guests.  From then on, it was a mad rush for them to all get their faces on a selfie cookie. And everyone seemed to want to take a selfie with the founders of the group. It is apparently quite satisfying to eat the face of your boss!  They even set up a seven-person group photo holding one of the founders up in a horizontal pose, all giving the silliest face they could conjure...and if anyone can creatively put on a silly face, it is definitely the folks from the Blue Man Group.

As the night went on and the drinks continued to flow, the guests started taking wackier and more creative selfies for their cookies.  As kind of a going-away party of sorts, most of the guests ended up taking multiple selfies, wanting to have a delicious Selfie Cookie with the photo of all of their dearest friends at the company.  Many wanted to take cookies home to their loved ones, and one super fun couple took pictures of themselves in Santa hats, as well as separate pictures of lumps of coal to put in the stockings of their kids.  Needless to say, these folks knew how to play a good practical joke, and they weren’t shy about doing it at their kids’ expense! We would have loved to have seen the reaction of those kids on Christmas morning.  What a great stocking stuffer the Selfie Cookies made for these folks!

When all was said and done, the Selffee team printed well over 100 Selfie Cookies for this somewhat smaller event in just a few hours.  And while Selffee normally encourages goofiness and silly faces for its custom treats, it didn’t have to do much encouraging at this event.  The silly face to total Edible Selfie ratio was at its highest ever!

And above all, it was a pleasure for the Selffee team to continue to do what it does best, and that is to bring smiles and joy to everyone it can.  The Blue Man Group was a particularly good group to join forces with in this pursuit, as they are and always have been about much of the same, wanting to give its fans the most entertaining night they possibly can.  With the Blue Man Group and with Selffee, everyone in attendance always leaves on a high.

We just made sure that, with this event, it was a little more of a sugar high!